Welcome to the Healthcare Library of Northern Ireland

The Library comes from a long-standing partnership between Queen’s University Belfast and the Department of Health. It was set up to provide health and social care professionals with library and information services to support patient care, evidence-based practice and Continuous Professional Development.

It is free to HSC staff in Northern Ireland who can join using the online registration form at healthcarelibrary.qub.ac.uk/signup. After signing up, HSC staff will receive a username and password to access all the digital resources at healthcarelibrary.qub.ac.uk. These can be accessed from any location and device. HSC staff can also borrow books and use the facilities at our six libraries across Northern Ireland. Please contact us at info@healthcarelibrary.qub.ac.uk if you would like any further information.

Jane O’Neill, Medical and Healthcare Librarian
Jane O'Neill, Medical and Healthcare Librarian