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  • Loans

    The Healthcare Library has a wide range of books covering all major medicine, health and life science specialties.

    In addition to 1,000s of print books, we also have an extensive collection of e-books.

    Healthcare Library members may borrow up to 15 books from any of our libraries.

    Books are usually issued for 4 weeks and will be automatically renewed 3 times subsequent to the original loan period, so long as the book is not requested by another reader. Please note: books in high demand may have their loan period shortened to 1 week and will not be automatically renewed. 

    You can keep a track of your books via My Account or by contacting library staff at any Borrower Services Desk

  • Returns and Renewals

    Books should be returned by the due date if you have finished with them. If you are returning an item by post, please remember that you are responsible for its safe return. Contact your local library branch for return policies and out of hours return facilities. If you have not finished with the book, it will be automatically renewed so long as it is not requested by another reader.

    You can keep a track of your books via My Account or by contacting library staff at any Borrower Services Desk.

  • Requests and Recalls

    Making requests: Books which are on loan may be requested online or by contacting any Borrower Services Desk.

    Recalled items: The library recalls items when they have been requested so that popular items are made available to as many borrowers as possible.

    • If a book you have on loan is requested by another borrower, a new return date will be emailed to you. Please note: you will have a maximum of 1 week to return the item.
    • Overdue recalled items will prevent you from borrowing additional items
    • Recalled items cannot be renewed
  • Notifications: how we stay in touch with you

    Healthcare Library members receive notifications alerting them about material that has been renewed and recalling material which is requested by another borrower. These notices may be emailed or posted.

    We will contact you:

    • The day before a book is due for return (via email, alerting you of what has been automatically renewed)
    • The day after a book was due for return (it is now overdue but does not incur fines)
    • When the book has been requested by another reader (recalled item)
    • When the book has been requested by another reader and has not been returned by the new due date (it is now an overdue recalled item and is incurring fines)

    After 3 overdue notifications an invoice is generated automatically. Invoices are cancelled when the book is returned.

  • Fines

    The library no longer charges fines.

    However, libraries normally charge fines to encourage people to return books on time to ensure they are available for others to borrow and benefit from point of need. For this system to continue to work without fines in place, we are asking you to support this endeavour by returning books on time, particularly any that are recalled to satisfy other member requests.

  • Lost items

    Please contact the Borrower Services Desk as soon as possible if you have lost a book. You may be billed for the replacement.

    In the case of Inter-Library Loan (ILL) items, the British Library charges a minimum of £194.80 per item for the replacement of items which are long overdue, damaged or lost.

    This cost is charged to the borrower responsible and includes a non-refundable administrative charge of £97.40 plus VAT per item even if the item is subsequently returned.

    ILL items in demand which are not returned promptly will also incur the above charge.